Whoa Postal Service!

I ordered something on eBay Saturday morning (literally while dripping wet, I bid on it through my phone), paid for it, and got a friendly e-mail saying that the person who sold it to me was able to ship it on Saturday morning. I was pretty pleased at that. He sent me the delivery confirmation number for the Priority mail package and I checked it Saturday night – my package was in Austin, TX.
This morning I decided to take a peek online around 7:20 and was shocked to see the package had made it to Toledo – must be some sort of magic flight from TX to OH on the weekend. And now at 11:10, I see the following:
Arrival at Unit, March 30, 2009, 6:58 am, LAKESIDE MARBLEHEAD, OH 43440
Processed, March 29, 2009, 11:54 pm, TOLEDO, OH 43601
Processed, March 28, 2009, 9:11 pm, AUSTIN, TX 78710
Electronic Shipping Info Received, March 28, 2009
So it’s actually at my local post office. No idea if it will be at my house today or if it will be there tomorrow – but nonetheless, I’m pretty impressed!

Back in Marblehead / Lawn Wars 9

The picture above was from earlier this week in PA, when Karey’s dog Rockie (Karey is in the lower right corner, it’s her reflection, not a ghost) really wanted to come back up here with us.  Upon convincing Rockie that there was more food in PA, she decided to stay put.  Anyway, I cut the grass today, which was freakishly high since there was only 1 day of rain this week and still lower temperatures.  7 bags!  It’s hot today, and I’m hoping I can get some R&R in this Memorial Day weekend!

Week-End Update

Howdy JW.Com Readers! Well, I’m writing this weekend update to let ya’ll know what’s been going on this week.
The week started good except for my lunch monday at Cyberfresh Cafe in the Student Union at UT. I got the world’s Worst ceasar salad (I believe they hold the record). Not only did it taste funky, AND have a piece of plastic with jaggedy edges on it that could have sliced my tounge in two so I resembeled a snake (Snakes In A Grad Office?), but this salad also gave me some virus that made my stomach & digestive system MUTINY. Tuesday I felt fine in the morning, but on the way home I had this heavy feeling in my stomach. We had dinner at the Chinese place (Which I doubt I can go back to now, as conditioned taste aversion has probably sunk in) and all night I had the fear I was about to expel my demonic possession orally onto comforter, bed, & cat. Wednesday morning I felt pretty bad, got to UT, told Dr. Jasper that I wouldn’t be able to be in Research Methods (Due to the fact I felt I may explode) and lingered around my office until I got the OK from my prof. for that night’s clas
s that I could get an excused. Left, headed home and found that now the demons were no longer looking to leave orally – they wanted out the other end. They didn’t seem to stop to solidify either (Damn bastards) so that meant many many many many many trips to the seat of demonic expulsion during the night (I had also had trips on Wednesday during the day, but not with the same verocity). Thursday I started to feel better, but still was a bit groggy in the evening. Yesterday I was back to Normal Jon status. Sometime during the week I also did a bit of work, amazingly.
Friday I drove out to BG to help my friend Maria with computer issues. We talked for a long time about life (We graduated together from UA and she went off to uber-applied psych (School Psychology) and I went off to uber-basic psych (Research) so we discussed the differences and similarities in our respective programs. Ate dinner and then headed back to Marblehead where I FINALLY got a good nights sleep (Although Thursdays wasn’t that bad either, but the perfect nights sleep has no alarm clock attached to it).
So anyone whose body did not rebel this week should thank their diety of choice that they weren’t me this week. Karey got a slight cold toward the end of the week (That sounds like its starting to clear up – just a head cold) and she agrees that she’d rather have that than have what I had!
How was everyone else’s week? Since it was a haze to me, maybe others can point out if anything interesting happened in the world or to them.

Long Day & Possible Worst Day Of Year Contender

Well, This is a backdated entry about Thursday the 11th, and how it could possibly take the cake as the worst day this year.
Karey & I left Marblehead last Saturday to hit Parma and fix laptops (Which we did, hung with Steve, saw his new car stereo system, made dennys run). Sunday we hung around Parma and Karey & Holly went dress shopping, T & I went computer part buying for his rebuild of his sister’s PC. Monday we went to lunch wtih Mom and then went down to PA. Tuesday we woke up a bit late, hung out with Trella (Went to wing night, I almost got sick from too many wings… ;0 ), came home, went hottubbing, had fun. Wednesday we took Trella home and just hung out back at Karey’s house (I napped a bit in the afternoon). Karey’s mom made tacos with stew meat which she tried to pass off as steak ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anyway, Thursday we were scheduled to leave. We had to get karey’s deed to her car Noterized so that Karey can eventually register it in Ohio. I woke up around 11, Karey around 12. I wanted to leave Burgettstown around 3 since my mom was preparing a big dinner and wanted to eat with
us (I also had to stop in parma to get a web server, old earth!). Karey’s mom didn’t get home until 12:50, instead of 12, and we went out then. The notary was closed, so we went to eat until he returned at 2. Karey & I had eaten, so we just had a light lunch at Eatn’ park. We went back to the notary at 2 and I waited in the car. When Karey & her mom got back, I saw it… The damn notary had written “Gift” in as the purchase price without even asking Karey or Sue (So sue says) anything other than “Are you related?”. Gift means assessed tax value on the bluebook of Karey’s car. SHIT. I kinda blew up in the car, with Sue not even saying something back (Something I’ve never seen her do). I told them a few times in the previous days to make sure that this didn’t happen. I was pissed. I ended up pissing Karey off. She got really mad at me, and when I saw how hurt she was, I felt like crap. We went back home, and started packing around 3:15, me hoping to leave by 3:30 so we could be home by 6 like I told mom.
We didn’t leave till 4:15. I was even more pissed at Karey for not caring about time enough to be ready, and then I was pissed at myself for being pissed at her. Oreo was pissed at us both for taking her home (She’s not a good travelling kitty) and Karey needed Gas. We got off the highway at the friggin West Point exit on 11 and had to drive a good 10 miles to fin
d Gas even though the sign said it was right off the highway. All in all, we didn’t get into Parma until 7 or so, and Mom was upset that we were late, but thankfully not too upset. We ate dinner (Really tender chicken, artichokes, BLT pasta salad) and then hung out there for a bit, debating if we wanted to head home. We had a meeting with Fr. Jim on Friday at 1 (Which went OK, we did the FOCCUS thing – ooo bubble forms), so we decided it would be too much of a tight squeeze to get home Friday morning. We packed up, kitty and all, and headed out around 8:15. About an hour into our trip, we were preparing to get off the Turnpike. I asked Karey where her purse was (Where we had just relocated her Turnpike card since it was bent to hell) and she told me behind her seat. I looked, it wasn’t there. I called her cell, and my mom called me – we’d left it on the kitchen table. Perfect way to end the day. We got home tired and stressed since we’d been at each other all day. Funny, since I’m backdating this, it will look like I wrote this before it ever happened – at 6:53 AM on Thursday!
So it may have been the worst day of 2005, barring anything worse happening in the next few months. last year’s worst day has an entry somewhere here, perhaps I should start marking these as memories to make me appreciate the good days. On a side note, Sue lost her wallet last week when she was up and they found it
a few days later at the marathon. She swears she didn’t leave it in the store, she left it in her purse (She REMEMBERS doing this). Since Karey REMEMBERED putting her purse behind her seat since she’d done it so many times before, this is more proof that false memories do indeed exist… ๐Ÿ™‚
Today (Sunday) T & H come up to the lake to hang, bringing Karey’s purse and some most excellent DVDs with Windows on them. Next week I plan on rebuilding my windows boxes, and may make a trip back home to do some Data Center Stuff with Paul. Maybe I can convince Karey to come along – after all, she can go to Catans ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m Alive…

Just letting everyone know I made it from Marblehead to Parma to Akron to Parma in one piece today! Tomorrow its the data center for some Paul related maintenance, and out with my lady. As for my mood, certain friends of mine know why it is what it is.

The Shizzolator

If anyone is interested in shizzolating, check out www.asksnoop.com for the Shizzolator. It will translate any webpage into “snoop speak”. Here is what it did to my previous posts in my blog. Pretty hilarious:
Rain at da Lake
07:04pm 05/10/2004
Well, its raining in Marblehead n’ shit. Specifically, raining while I wuz cutting da lawn.” It wuz a bit annoying, but not as annoying as having empty da bag every 20 seconds as da gras is so tall here its filling up da bag rather quickly.”
Went UT today wit Karey, know what I’m sayin’? Dr n’ shit. Jasper introduced me a few mo’ muthas, including a few grad students who wuz hella nice, know what I’m sayin’? I wuz enthused go there, ‘n Karey wasn’t too unhappy wit her schedule fo’ fall / spring either.”
Well, Karey just gots back from window closing.” I gave her a set of keys da lake today n’ shit. Its official, we’re movin’ in, know what I’m sayin’?
(P.s. Last nights dinner wuz Tacos, todays may be chilli / cheese dogs!)
and some more fun from last week:
Amood: melancholy
music: Chumbawamba – Amnesia
Went VisionWorld today ‘n gots my eyes checked out, new glasses ordered.” It will be nice get rid of these perma-dirty pieces of crap I’ve been wearing fo’ a a few months now.” Anyway, PH gots one of those really bomb diggity irate client emails today.” It went like this:
” Are yo’ ass not understanding? Obviously if I told yo’ ass that that shiznit wuz there
before I restored that shiznit, I did not delete ’em, YOU did.” So fix that shiznit, know what I’m sayin’? I’m giving yo’ ass
da darned permission n’ shit. I expect notification next time yo’ ass refresh or delete
my emails n’ shit. YOUR customer service may improve wit mo’ communication n’ shit. ”

Awesome I tell you, awesome.
Getting ready to go down to PA with Karey. Fun fun fun.

Rain at the Lake

Well, its raining in Marblehead. Specifically, raining while I was cutting the lawn. It was a bit annoying, but not as annoying as having to empty the bag every 20 seconds as the gras is so tall here its filling up the bag rather quickly.
Went to UT today with Karey. Dr. Jasper introduced me to a few more people, including a few grad students who were very nice. I was enthused to go there, and Karey wasn’t too unhappy with her schedule for fall / spring either.
Well, Karey just got back from window closing. I gave her a set of keys to the lake today. Its official, we’re movin’ in.
(P.s. Last nights dinner was Tacos, todays may be chilli / cheese dogs!)