Add Facebook Friend’s Birthdays to your Calendar Automatically

Lifehacker recently published an article detailing a few ways to help remember the things you actually care about, as opposed to those you don’t but remember anyway (such as the MVP of the 1996 All-star game). One of the little gems that was tucked in the article was the application fbCal which integrates your Facebook Birthdays and events with the calendar of your choosing. I have this now set up on my Google Calendar and am extremely happy as it’s A) always up to date and B) putting information where I’ll actually look for it, not where I don’t look (e.g., a sidebar on

To get it set up, all you need to do is install the fbCal application to your facebook account and allow it offline access (So you’ll have two prompts to hit “OK” to when installing):


Once it’s installed, you can then choose how to export your calendar. The tool exports in the standard iCal format, so it’s easily imported into desktop PIMs like iCal on the Mac and Outlook on the PC. It not only includes birthdays, but can include events as well:


Since I use Google Calendar, I clicked on the Google Calendar link and was taken to my calendar, then asked if I wanted to add the new fbCal calendar to my list of calendars. It adds as a shared calendar, which means that it will automatically update whenever I add a friend (Or I guess if a friend changes their birthday!). It gave a very long and annoying name to the calendar, so I changed that by drilling into settings and changing the name:


Now on my Google Calendar main page, I have the FB Birthdays calendar, which I can toggle on and off as desired:


All of this took around 10 minutes, and the feed took about an hour (for some reason) to show up in my calendar. Now it’s working just fine and I thought it was cool enough to share here! Happy calendaring!

I’m Skeptical

Candle Fail

fail owned pwned pictures

This entry makes me suspicious. Maybe it’s the laptop being a bit older that makes me wonder how awesome it would be to take a junker laptop and create this “failblog” entry. But perhaps I’m just trying to make up excuses for this horrible sight.

Open Sessions

This morning we had a very nice lunch, then followed by a few welcoming remarks and a welcome keynote. Gotta hand it to MS, the room looked absolutely cool, very matrix-ey, etc… Here are a few shots – poor light level, but very blue…

After the Keynote, we went to open sessions (One of which I’m in now, on writing of all things, specifically writing books). Open sessions are an interesting beast if you’re not familiar with them. Between sessions are complementary snacks, which I found interesting. On the left were the ‘healthy’ snacks:

On the right were the unhealthy snacks:

The Reese’s were a nice touch. I took one and know who took this last one… he was very happy to see them as well!

Planning another post later, assuming I’m still awake when I get back to my Hotel! Tomorrow will most likely be low on photo posts, or posts in general: Going to many talks where they don’t take too friendly to cameras!

Wonderfully Ironic, Teenagers By My Chemical Romance

Teenagers, one of the latest singles by alternative-rock / emo / whatever band My Chemical Romance is a pretty humorous and ironic song that I figured I’d highlight here, for really no reason other than to put my thoughts out there on it (That’s what blogs are for right?). It actually applies to the title of my blog, as the song is amazingly sarcastic. Possibly too much, as Jill Weinberger pointed out in May when she wrote this:

“The video ends with the words “VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER” and a message urging kids to get help if they feel like acting out. Still, there’s a fine line being walked here, and when your lyrics go, “if you’re troubled and hurt, what you got under your shirt will make them pay for the things that they did,” you’re placing a lot of faith in your fans’ sense of irony.”

I suppose the message of this song is somewhat obscured by the overt lyrics, hiding their covert anti-violence message. I think this is a good thing – it forces teenagers (and others) to actually think about the music they’re listening to. Of course, does anyone think about what they listen to anymore? I do, but unfortunately I can’t be sure of others.

Anyway, it’s got a good beat, campy lyrics, a very flashy video, and things worth thinking & talking about, I suppose!

Massive Cooling Required

Was at the Halle Building Co-Lo DC yesterday with Paul and noticed these heavily modified server lockers. Apparently they are running some massively large data store of SCSI hard drives. The vents on the front took in the 65 degree DC air and the 10 fans per case on the back pumped out air that was approximately 80 degrees! Quite a sight – makes me glad I don’t admin those 😉

Oh, and Jon’s Tech Advice from yesterday? If you plug in a USB HD and it gives you a BSOD, try it on another machine before wasting 2 hours troubleshooting the machine. We had one defective external HD housing yesterday give us a 2 hour run-around (mostly because we were skeptical of the box it was crashing in the first place). On the plus side, the flash of the BIOS we did during the 2 hours now gives me a functioning BIOS on that box.

Lawn Wars 2006 – Round 2

Well, I just spent around 1 1/4 hour out there cutting the grass, and gained 2 bags for my work.  Not much, but I know if that front grass is allowed to get just a bit bigger, there will be 3 or 4 bags for each little section in the front alone – not something I want to do since the boat well is in the BACK 😉
Nice day today where I am – 77 or so and sun, with a bit of overcast and 1 or 2 drops of rain periodically. Spring in a day, with Summer temps!

“Perhaps all statements of informed consent in clinical research should carry this message:
-Scientific Literacy and the Myth of the Scientific Method (Henry H. Bauer)

Stupid People Alert: I Am Evil

Teacher’s costume scares up complaint
“INTERLOCHEN – A Halloween costume donned by a teacher at Lake Ann Elementary scared up a complaint from a parent spooked by its political message. David Micinski, Benzie Central superintendent, said a parent who was at the school for Monday’s Halloween festivities took issue with the teacher’s costume – a mask depicting President George W. Bush and a shirt that allegedly read “I am evil.”
Not only is this specific incident pretty stupid (As I said a few days ago, I do question what goes through some education major’s heads at times…), but in general I have a great disdain for anyone who believes they are debating politics by making statements that are not only hard to prove, but 100% unprovable. Saying a politician you don’t like is “evil” or making another jab at their personality because you believe they warrent it is fine as long as you don’t think intelligent people will look at it as anything more
than anecdotal information. If you want to debate, please, get some facts.

World Series Poll

Ok, I don’t like the White Sox.  Maybe i’m the typical baseball fan that holds grudges (This one goes back to Albert Belle in 1996), but there is just something about them I don’t like (Maybe its the Indians ability to choke in every game against them).  So for me, I don’t care if the White Sox might be better or the Astros might be better – I want the White Sox to LOSE (Not the Astros to win, mind you…).Anyway, UPOC sent me a poll today asking who would win, and I’m wondering what my readers (all 2 of them, and my cat) might vote for this question.  So there are three questions here: Who SHOULD win (i.e. who do you think is the most qualified team), Who Do you WANT to win (for whatever reason), and Who WILL win (Who do you think will eventually pull it out).  Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!
(Scsi userpic for no real reason on this post!)