Publishing to Facebook?!?

For reasons I’ll never understand, the WordPress Jetpack social plugin that’s supposed to be able to publish my stuff everywhere (i.e. FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+) sometimes doesn’t want to publish it to the network I get 70% of my traffic from: Facebook. Not sure what that is, but I’m back to the old grind of deactivating plugins trying to find out why. This post will probably go to FB, simultaneously helping me (by fixing the problem) and mocking me (by fixing the problem) at the same time!

#98 Invitation

Jim the Bunny looked at piece of paper skeptically. It simply read:

You are invited to a gathering on May 10. Many exciting and interesting people and animals will be there.

Jim had never received an invitation to anything before, much less a ‘gathering’ with ‘interesting people and animals’. He checked his FB account and saw that animals all around The Woods had received similar notices. Jabberpaw was especially excited, as not only had he never received an invitation to anything before, he had specifically received orders not to attend various parties and social events, on account of his large stature and scary nature.

Jim, being a snarky bunny, weighed his options, but in the end concluded that it was better to attend such an event to alleviate his curiosity, than to avoid it just to be a jerk.

Bunny © by ahmadridhwan


Post to Google+, Automate Your Shared Items, And Other Super Syndication Techniques

Before Google+, all was grand in Jon’s world of Super Syndication (Much to Jason Dunn’s chagrin). I posted things straight to, and it sent it everywhere I wanted. I hadn’t found a really good way to archive my statuses, but did have a pretty awesome way to share posts from Google Reader simply by pressing the share button.

Then Google changed everything, and while I like Google+, it just didn’t fit. It lacked some basic things – no RSS feeds out, no automated posting interface, no email posting, and in no hurry to add any of these things. But It did have instant photo upload, a pretty nice client, and a few other niceties.

So I had a problem: I wanted to keep things nicely automated and easy to use, but needed some features. Principally I needed to be able to post to 1 service and have it go to all 3 big social networks (FB, Twitter, G+), I needed it to be platform independent (So no browser plug-ins), I hoped it could be easily automated, and I needed an easy way to share things out. Along the way I hoped to pick up an easy way to automate storing things I shared with others. I’ve now accomplished all of this, and will reveal the magic to you! Continue reading “Post to Google+, Automate Your Shared Items, And Other Super Syndication Techniques”