Your Geek Squad Badge Just Isn’t Worth That Much

When will Geek Squad employees (or ex-employees) learn that their badges are not worth > $100, even if…

  • They were a deputy counter intelligence (While Double Agent badges are most common, deputy badges come up about once every 2 months)
  • they have a low number (Unless it’s less than 100, nobody cares)

I’ve seen badges like the one below sit on eBay for months until they finally drop the high start bid. In case you’re wondering, Geek Squad badges go for around $60 on average, although I (and I suspect most serious collectors) have gotten them for $25 or so.


Jon Rants About eBay Feedback

I’ve been on eBay for over 10 years, so forgive me if I rant like an old man here…

I received an email today from the seller of an item I recently won on eBay. It read…

Hey I saw the stylus was delivered today so I thought I’d see if you wanted to exchange positive feedback? I’m new so I could definitely use it, thanks =)

Equal sign smiley face aside, cranky old man Jon read this as…

Hey – you got the item. Leave me feedback before I’ll leave it for you.

Now call me crazy, but as soon as I pay for the item, I believe the seller should leave me feedback. I mean, I fulfilled my end of the agreement – I paid you money. I don’t have to do another damn thing to be considered a “good” buyer. This is especially true now that eBay only allows sellers to leave positive feedback.

When I get the item, and it looks good and I’m happy, I’ll leave you feedback because it’s what is expected. Now if you want to drop me an email a few weeks later and say “Hey, I hope you’re happy with the item. I left feedback for you earlier, and if you have the time, I’d appreciate it if you could leave some for me”, that’s fine. But don’t make it sound like a hostage swap – the buyer’s responsibility ends at payment. That is when feedback should be left!

What I Sniped A Few Days Back!

A few days ago I posted that I out-sniped a sniper on eBay to win an auction. Today that auction’s contents came in the mail: 4 of the new-style AAA Safety Patrol badges. Who would want these? Well as a bit of a collector of odd pins and badges, I do!

From Collectibles

These four are interesting in that they’re a radical change from the previous AAA badges of the late 80’s and prior. Originally AAA Safety Patrol used badges that actually looked like a police badge. I’ve got a set of the ones used from the AAA logo change until around the late 90’s, including my original Safety Patrol Membership Card (I “bought” my way up to Captain rank!):

From Collectibles
From Collectibles

As I wrote in the comments on some of these, I’d feel really depressed to be a kid now who gets the Triangle badge as opposed to the Eagle style. After all, when your job is making sure first graders don’t get run over by senile old ladies in cross walks, you might as well have something respectable upon your belt. If you want to see some of the other odd things I collect, check out my Collections page for a taste. And if you happen to have an old safety patrol badge (the style with an eagle but with large AAA instead of the circular logo), I’d love to take it off your hands!

Coming soon: A badge for 1960s Television Fans…

Whoa Postal Service!

I ordered something on eBay Saturday morning (literally while dripping wet, I bid on it through my phone), paid for it, and got a friendly e-mail saying that the person who sold it to me was able to ship it on Saturday morning. I was pretty pleased at that. He sent me the delivery confirmation number for the Priority mail package and I checked it Saturday night – my package was in Austin, TX.
This morning I decided to take a peek online around 7:20 and was shocked to see the package had made it to Toledo – must be some sort of magic flight from TX to OH on the weekend. And now at 11:10, I see the following:
Arrival at Unit, March 30, 2009, 6:58 am, LAKESIDE MARBLEHEAD, OH 43440
Processed, March 29, 2009, 11:54 pm, TOLEDO, OH 43601
Processed, March 28, 2009, 9:11 pm, AUSTIN, TX 78710
Electronic Shipping Info Received, March 28, 2009
So it’s actually at my local post office. No idea if it will be at my house today or if it will be there tomorrow – but nonetheless, I’m pretty impressed!

That’s how Laptops Should Be Built!

My father-in-law, many years ago now (Before he was technically my father-in-law) gave me a Compaq LTE 486 Laptop that he had bought from his work during a surplus auction. The laptop ran Windows 95, and was a bit of a novelty – being far past it’s prime. I found it charming, though, and have kept it around ever since. Today I went to take it down from the Attic to see if it would power up after 3 years of non-use, and accidentally dropped it. It bounced off the wooden ladder and thudded onto the floor. Upon opening the case, I assessed the damage. The latches had broken off.
That was it.
The latches… the unit powered up just fine, worked just fine, etc…
That’s quality workmanship, unlike laptops today that would shatter into a million pieces if dropped from that height. Why can’t we build ’em like that anymore???
If you’re wondering, you can pick up your own Compaq LTE 486 for around $25 on ebay 😉

Back In The Day Kids…

Back in the fun loving yet dangerous 80’s, one of the wonderful things you’d buy to play with you and your family were Yard Darts. Yard Darts, you see, were a cool idea – you simply put 2 targets down, and hurdle pointed steel-tipped darts at these targets. If your friends were lazy and didn’t move, you may just spear one of them! For some unfathomable reason, people thought this ‘toy’ might be a bit dangerous and yanked it from the market. Its that sad fact, coupled with their being amongst the prohibited and restricted items on ebay, that means you probably won’t find them in a store near you. We still have a set though, and had a great time launching them at each other at the lake today. Who needs 2 eyes anyway?
Notice how the adults stand with a target at their feet… and the wonderful warning at the bottom of the box.