#81 Aquarium

Aquarium Day
Fish are Tasty, Today I Watch
And Plan My Attack!

Authors Note: No, you will not be seeing my picture on the news for eating the inhabitants of the Aquarium Karey & I are visiting today, don’t worry.


#79 Things To Do In Between Appointments on A Busy Day

It seems that on days when appointments stack like Tetris bricks, leaving small pockets of space that are too big to ignore, too small to be useful, one is forced to consider alternatives to their usual activities. Below is a list of potential uses for those 15-30 minute blocks of time you have between meetings.

  1. Adopt a pet Mayfly – he might only live 30 minutes! Hold a memorial service for said mayfly when he passes on.
  2. Clean out your desk of miscellaneous papers you don’t need. Extra points if you can get someone to believe you were fired while doing said cleaning.
  3. Order a pizza to be delivered to your next meeting.
  4. Find another co-worker in a similar empty time slot and schedule a 1/2 hour meeting to discuss the relative merits of each US President between Polk – Lincoln.
  5. Eat something.
  6. Drink something.
  7. Do something… anything… somewhat productive if possible.
  8. Adopt a pet Mayfly… oh wait… been there, done that.
  9. Get your swag on.
  10. Build a door for your cubicle out of cardboard.
  11. Reply to mass-emails meant to be rhetorical (i.e. “Why thank you for the invite to your symposium! I’d love to attend but unfortunately can’t be there because I’m having my hair done that day at that time…”). Be sure to reply all.
  12. Retire your shoes really tightly, then walk until they loosen up.
  13. Find a desk calendar, make notes such as “Buy supplies”… “Train”…. “Read instructions online”… and then on one day simply write “ACT” and underline it twice. If anyone is reading your desk calendar (or the one in question), they’ll probably take that day off work.
  14. Take a 20 minute power nap (This is actually good advice if you can do it!)
  15. Write a blog post of about 300 words, pawning off your own need to fill time as “creative writing”.

So there you have it – 15 things to do in a 30 minute open block of time!

Authors Note: Written yesterday between meetings


#76 Ever Notice

Ever notice to your dismay
that 6 AM is ok on Sunday
But during the week
when you wish to sleep
There is no keeping the alarm at bay!

Authors Note: I’m going to try to get some more sleep today, but we’ll see… grr!


#57 Fifty Six Is Waiting

Fifty Six is waiting you see
For the right time to appear
Trust that this gap is intentionally
Fifty Six will soon be here

Authors Note: 56 seriously is written, however I’m going to hold off on publishing it for a bit for personal reasons. We’ll jump to 57 for now 🙂