i-mate Jumps on Alternate UI Bandwagon


“First things first… It’s no TouchFLO 3D. Ok, now that we have that out of the way we do have to say that we’re happy to see another company making an effort to tidy up the Windows Mobile UI a tad. Who knows how far away we really are from Windows Mobile 7 becoming a reality and in the meantime, even many Windows Mobile die hards seem to be losing patience with the very dated look of the OS. Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson aren’t the only companies attempting to bandage their mobile OS of choice however, as i-mate has just announced its “i-mate Go” UI. No, it’s not the catchiest name in the game, but those of you looking for high visibility and simple design for your i-mate UI should be pleased. i-mate Go is powered by VITO Winterface of course, a Windows Mobile UI enhancement that essentially started as an iPhone rip off and evolved into a slightly less obvious iPhone rip off.”

Well, it isn’t at all unexpected to see an alternate UI for Windows Mobile these days, which in itself is a bit sad. However, looking on the bright side, I suppose this truly signifies that i-mate is not dead, after struggling with the loss of HTC provided handsets. Still, I’d rather have one nice UI, rather than a patchwork of “improved” UIs floating around.

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Wal-mart Challenges Your Sanity If You Don’t Buy From Them

I’m a lot of things… but not crazy

Walmart has a particularly interesting ad out, from a psychological perspective. Their latest message is that not shopping at Walmart is crazy, as shopping at Walmart (should) cost less than shopping elsewhere.

Now let me preface my argument below by saying that I know many people on both sides of the Walmart Fence. Some of my friends vehemently hate Wal-mart for engaging in practices that, lets be honest, most companies engage in (Wal-Mart does have a higher volume than most though). Other friends of mine believe that Wal-mart is fine, despite the effects that Wal-marts may have on local economies, especially mom and pop stores. Personally, I am of the opinion that Wal-mart is capitalisms at work, and while I think they could do a better job at providing for their employees, I highly doubt that they are a more insidious employer or presence in the market than anyone else. At least they don’t make you pay $5 for a cup of coffee, like some places 😉

Anyway, here’s why I love this commercial. It doesn’t tell you that you’re stupid if you don’t shop at Wal-mart, it tells you that you’re crazy. If you walk down the street and someone calls you stupid, you can easily laugh it off. You know you’re not stupid, so who gives a rip if they think you are. However, Crazy isn’t quite so easy. Crazy seems to invoke a thought that perhaps the other person may be correct – and if they are, you’d of course think they weren’t. Look at it this way – if you see someone walking backward, mumbling to themselves, and wearing a barney t-shirt, you may be inclined to call that person Crazy. However, they probably wouldn’t agree.

What Wal-mart is saying in this commercial, ever so subtly is the following
If you decide that shopping elsewhere because you disagree with our business practices will make any difference in how we run our business, you’re wrong. And if you want to force yourself to pay more to make a meaningless statement, rather than pay less at Wal-mart, YOU’RE CRAZY

I like this sort of marketing – it uses an innocent foot-in-the-door approach (e.g. the whole gas price thing) to put the idea into people’s heads that they’re nuts for not shopping at Wal-mart. However you feel about The Wal, you have to admit – it’s a rather nice subtle message, isn’t it?

For Jason…

OK, so his experience wasn’t funny, but this is really what the box should have said.

The Best Robot Chicken Sketches… Ever

OK, so maybe this is just in my opinion, but the list below are absolutely the best robot chicken sketches ever. Thank you Adult Swim for posting these gems online! I’m sure there are some I’ve missed, but at an initial glance, these are my favs!



Why It’s Great


An Empire To Run

What isn’t there to like about this clip? It’s what every science fiction fan prays would happen!


Dance Your Cares Away

Karey didn’t get this one at first, until I explained where it came from. Just a great piece of imagination – and who liked that old guy anyway?


Alien Front Line

“There goes Gene in his UFO again… big help he is”


Villain Car Pool

“Note to self: Blow up Fancher Elementary School!”


Tivo Ruins Lives

Just reminds me way too much about T & H!


Lil’ Hitler 1
2 and 3

“Lil’ Hitler, where’s lil’ Polaski?”


No Power

“It makes me very very proud to speak the following sentence… I’m the only one who brought a gun”


Benny Jubilee

As a fan of british comedy, this just rocks.


Pokeball High Life

I knew Pikachu was a partier


Hogan’s Heros

Man, wouldn’t it have been interesting if this the way the TV show actually was…


Sesame Street Quarentine

1 vaccine… 2 vaccines..


Jedi in Chief

Tacos Rule


Not Fully Operational Battle Station

“Look Mr. Saltine… I don’t tell you how to threaten your blond kids”


Lord Of The Dance

No explanation Needed.

Karey & I Went Geocaching!

We finally went geocaching, after talking about doing it all summer. Karey, Mark, & I went up to Montour Trail and found This Cache Its our first cache, and I think we all had fun. I’ll post pictures when I get a chance.