By Dr. Jonathan E. Westfall (Totally a real Dr… Just not a Medical one…) Cupcakes Are Your Savior So you’re fat. How do I know that? Well because you’re reading a diet book. Well, I guess you might just want something interesting to read while on vacation, or perhaps you […]

The Cupcake Diet

I’m writing this from the window seat of Metro-North Railroad’s car 6306. Almost 3 years ago when I started taking these trains I kept a list of the cars that I’d been on, curious when I’d repeat cars. It took about 2 weeks. I’ve probably been on 6306 many times […]

Day in the NYC Life

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that he was going to try to start using Evernote again. As someone who went through the same on-again-off-again thing with Evernote for a few years before falling in love, I figured I’d share how I got Evernote to be a useful […]

Selling You on Evernote