There Needs To Be A Better Definition for the word Weird.

Today I had 1 student again… 1 freakin’ student! To Mike, if you read this: Thanks for attending today. To the rest of my students: Yes, it was a nice day (Dave, if you read this, sorry I forgot you weren’t going to be in class). Anyway, is coming along nicely. I’ve upped an… Continue reading There Needs To Be A Better Definition for the word Weird.

Setup Fotki!

I setup a Fotki Account since… drumroll… I now have a cool digital camera. I purchased a Kodak dx6490 today. Check out the “Jon’s Pics” link on the sidebar – appearing soon!

Weird Al’s Parents Died

Last weekend it was found that the parents of Weird Al Yankovic (Nick & Mary Yankovic) had both died of carbon monoxide. Sad really. Weird Al is one of my favorite artists, not just because his songs can be freaking hilarious, but because he’s remaining pretty down to earth even after winning a grammy and… Continue reading Weird Al’s Parents Died

What Exactly Is an…

What Exactly is an Open Door Policy? Here at Akron, the profs keep their doors ajar when they are in their offices, and I got to thinking just now – is that an open door policy in action? or does the door have to be fully open? partially? unlocked but closed? Man, life is so… Continue reading What Exactly Is an…

Phone Post Number 1!!!

First Phone Post, to the Wonderful & Talented Mr. Steve Jocke. If you can’t hear this, download the plugin for Windows Media Player at or !