Congress – Don’t Waste My Money Recognizing Me!

So apparently there is a drive to make this week “National Postdoc Appreciation Week”. When I heard of this initially, I figured it was just some fanciful idea, something fairly harmless. That was until I got an email today (Full text below) asking me to write to my congressional representative asking to sponsor a bill… Continue reading Congress – Don’t Waste My Money Recognizing Me!

Adjectives & Nouns

Last week, for about 3 days, my GTalk status (As well as my AIM status) read the following: “If you’re reading this, open up a new e-mail and put my address in the To line, a noun in the body, and an adjective in the subject. I’ll write a story about them and send it… Continue reading Adjectives & Nouns

Send Spam or WE KILL YOU!!!

A few weeks ago I got this piece of Comment SPAM in my e-mail: A new comment on the post #94 "Does Spam Work?" is waiting for your approval Author : Make Money Online with Mr. X E-mail : Comment: HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia and being forced… Continue reading Send Spam or WE KILL YOU!!!

Facebook Will End Our Existence!

In the spirit of AutoCompleteMe, here are some of my own Autocomplete oddities. And here’s one of theirs that I particularly like No… then they wouldn’t be dogs… It causes arm growth… And who doesn’t?

She Stole my Heart, and my Breakfast

I recently came across a site that contains humorous Google search queries and the wonders of an autocomplete algorithm that is slightly twisted at times. You can read all of theirs, and for your amusement, I submit one of my own:

Ah… Comment Spam

So got this today, and I really doubt that I’m going to approve it – despite it’s gracious tone! Holes in the wall is especially classy!   A new comment on the post #343 "Stupid People Alert: LOE: What do you mean I can get an STD from that???" is waiting for your approval… Continue reading Ah… Comment Spam