Amazon Raises Prime Price to $99 a Year

Just got an email from Amazon – they’re raising Prime’s Price to $99 a year. A far cry from the $149 that people had feared might happen, and in general for the level of service, I think $99 a year is reasonable. Hate any increase in price though, however small! Dear Jon Westfall, We are… Continue reading Amazon Raises Prime Price to $99 a Year

A Victory for Paper

Just as I change bags often (i.e. the bag I just posted on last month is now on break for another bag), I also alternate between note taking methods ranging from full paper (Moleskine notebooks that I then scan into Evernote – and these are pre-Evernote-version Moleskines, although I have one of the new Evernote… Continue reading A Victory for Paper

New Blogroll Entries

I’ve just added two new blogs to my Blogroll, both former students of mine at Columbia. David Zhu shares insightful thoughts on “finance/economics, careers, education, US-China relations” as well as his own thoughts and musings. Elle Christine blogs about her life as a junior at Columbia, her travels, and her future as it shapes up.… Continue reading New Blogroll Entries

Still Here!

Wow, this place gets really empty when I don’t pipe in my daily activities! About 2 months ago I turned back into full blog posts, without any republishing of my content from Thoughts Media. My site is broken and I haven’t fixed that yet, and I’ve been bogged down with a writing project… Continue reading Still Here!