May 16, 2022

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ReverseHosts is Offering a Pretty Nice Deal: 512 MB VPS for $12/year

Wanted to pass this along to anyone looking to set up their own virtual server. ReverseHosts has a very nice deal right now on 512MB VPS servers – only $12 a year! For those of you looking to run online experiments, this is a great way to get started if you’re tech savvy enough to run your own server. If not, they also offer web hosting plans which will set up all the nuts and bolts for you (i.e. Apache, MySQL, etc…). I’ve been using ReverseHosts for about 7 months now and have found the team very responsive to issues, and the servers perform as advertised.

Use the coupon code WHT512ANNUAL to get the $12 a year price on either the SDVPS 512 or ATLVPS 512 (Depending on if you want your virtual server to be in the Atlanta or San Diego data center). Using my affiliate link also helps me out a bit (if you’re so inclined – costs you nothing).  Simply click the link, navigate to the order form, and choose either Open VPS Atlanta or Open VPS San Diego. Watch though – these deals tend to go fast.