May 28, 2022

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Coming Up This Week At Shared By Jon

Sometimes others contribute awesome things to the Internet (I’m coming to grips with this…). When I find these interesting gems, I throw them on the little sister of JonWestfall.Com – Shared By Jon.

Shared By Jon Masthead

Haven’t been there before? Well last week you missed some Useful Life Hacks, The Enigma machine’s cousin, a deep thought I had on Hindsight Bias, and the unfortunate truth that you’re more likely to be hurt by a toilet twice this year than win a sweepstakes. And other stuff.

What’s coming up this week? Well here are a few hints:

  • Did you know that before we ever got freaked by texting or putting on make up in cars, we were all flustered about something we now take for granted? Yep, driving would be completely different if we’d banned this practice.
  • On Wednesday I’m going to point you toward instructions on how to fake being a genius. By Friday you should all be getting raises and rewarding me handsomely.
  • I’m going to help you get rid of your Unsolved Mysteries addiction by pointing out the solutions to some.
  • Thinking of becoming a receptionist at a brothel? Find out about this exciting opportunity on Wednesday.
  • Programmers will love a new resource I found that will cut your coding time a bit. It’s on Friday, just in time for a weekend project.

So there you have it – a preview of the week ahead at SBJ. Want to help contribute? Ask me a question over there, or just follow me.