May 28, 2022

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Solving a jQuery Headache in WordPress

So around here I like to put photos in my posts. One of my favorite plugins to do this is Flickr Photo Post which lets me grab Creative Commons licensed photos like this:

hot doggie © by istolethetv

By simply clicking the Insert Media button in WordPress and searching on a ‘flickr’ tab. Recently, I noticed that the browser uploader for my own files wasn’t working, and by deactivating plugins, I found that good ole Flickr Photo Post was the problem. Upon further discovery, it appeared that when it loaded it’s own version of jQuery (which wasn’t modified, just a newer version than WP), it was killing the multi-uploader’s code. I’m not quite sure the order of events, but somehow one jQuery version was trumping the other and causing the multi-uploader to not be able to find jQuery when it tried to load.

The solution? I installed a script named “Use Google Libraries” which replaces the plethora of jQuery versions on my server with links to Google’s versions. In addition to fixing my problem, there apparently are also other good reasons to be using Google’s versions over your own.

So now I can use Flickr Photo Post and insert my own photos easily, like the one below!

Cookie Monster Winnfield