May 22, 2022

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A Childless Adult Visits Toys R Us

Recently Karey & I went to Toys R Us to get a few baby shower gifts for our soon-to-be-born first cousin once removed. While Karey was looking, I decided to snap a few photos of some oddities I notice. Note: None of these were purchased for said soon-to-arrive cousin.

So first, if your child wants this:

Then do the sane thing and just take them camping. No kid will form fond memories of the fake fish fry or hatchet. Give them the real thing (note: supervise while they use the hatchet…)

Second, what kid in the world wouldn’t be scarred for life after having Elmo spit on them?

I mean, seriously, Elmo is going to spit on your child in the tub, and you’re cool with that?

And finally, Toys R Us has some interesting movies listed under Family Favorites…


Take a closer look…

So Easy A is one of those awesome family films about pseudo-selling of your virginity! And any movie named The Bounty Hunter can’t be bad for kids, right? And don’t listen to those critics that insinuate Jack and Jill is a form of torture – it’s just fine for kiddies.

There you have it folks. Anyone else notice some Toys R Us insanity? Let me know in the comments!