May 18, 2022

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Post to Google+, Automate Your Shared Items, And Other Super Syndication Techniques

Before Google+, all was grand in Jon’s world of Super Syndication (Much to Jason Dunn’s chagrin). I posted things straight to, and it sent it everywhere I wanted. I hadn’t found a really good way to archive my statuses, but did have a pretty awesome way to share posts from Google Reader simply by pressing the share button.

Then Google changed everything, and while I like Google+, it just didn’t fit. It lacked some basic things – no RSS feeds out, no automated posting interface, no email posting, and in no hurry to add any of these things. But It did have instant photo upload, a pretty nice client, and a few other niceties.

So I had a problem: I wanted to keep things nicely automated and easy to use, but needed some features. Principally I needed to be able to post to 1 service and have it go to all 3 big social networks (FB, Twitter, G+), I needed it to be platform independent (So no browser plug-ins), I hoped it could be easily automated, and I needed an easy way to share things out. Along the way I hoped to pick up an easy way to automate storing things I shared with others. I’ve now accomplished all of this, and will reveal the magic to you!Now the solution I’m going to share has a lot of moving parts, and a lot of elements you might want or not want, depending on what you would like to do. So I’ve broken it down by what the goal of each part is. First, however, I’ll outline the tools I used for your reference:

  • If This Than That ( – a neat little service that lets you glue several common services, such as GMail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, RSS Feeds, & Buffer. Incidentally, those are the ones I’m using for this little setup.
  • Yahoo! Pipes ( – This lovely service lets you slice and dice RSS feeds into what you’d like them to do. Another service that does similar things (and might work better in your setup) is Dapper ( which is also, oddly enough, owned by Yahoo!
  • Google+ To RSS Feed (, something that Google should be offering on it’s own. To get your public G+ feed, you first need to find your User ID, log in to Google+ and click on your name – you’ll go to a page with your recent posts. Grab that really long address. Mine is 116476153748295463428, which makes my address

OK, with those 3 pieces, you can accomplish either of these goals:

G+ Output: Feed your Public Google+ Posts to Twitter and/or Facebook

Early on I realized I wanted to make status updates through Google+ and have them go out to Facebook & Twitter. To do this, I had to create two versions of my Google+ RSS feed, one for posts with photos, and one for posts without them. I created a custom Yahoo! Pipe for each of these scenarios which you can clone (Images, No Images). Once I had these two links, I could create custom ifttt tasks for each to feed everything to Twitter which I’ve made recipes for that you can use (Images, No Images). With each of these going to Twitter, I simply had to create a simple rule that posted everything I sent to Twitter to Facebook, and I was all set!

G+ Input: Feed Anything that Connects with IFTTT to Google+ via Email

Now I had Google+ going out to my FB & Twitter, however I also wanted items I shared, or posted, to go to Google+. I found a really nice loophole in the Google+ SMS Bridge. I followed this tutorial, and created ifttt tasks like this one to pipe stuff through!

At this point, your imagination is the only limit. You have the tools available to glue everything together! My setup now works like this:

1. Regular status updates and photos are posted through Google+, they make their way after a few slight delays to Twitter, then to FB.

2. Shared By Jon posts go to Google+ and Twitter through two different ifttt tasks. (The Twitter and FB ones are actually delayed through Buffer, so I don’t flood those networks. However Google+ Followers get to see things in near-real-time). I had to ammend my Yahoo! Pipes to prevent a duplicates (Tumblr -> Google+ -> Twitter & Tumblr -> Google+). It simply filters out posts that start “Shared by Jon:”.

3. I do get an SMS confirmation each time things post through it, which is a bit annoying. I believe I’ll probably try to set up some rules to prevent this at some point!