May 21, 2022

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Scan Directly From Your Office to Evernote

Many of us work in offices that have multifunction printers / scanners / copiers / faxes / latte machines (OK, maybe not the last part), and these machines typically support sending scans via e-mail as PDF attachments. This is great for those of us (like me) who are making a real effort to go paperless as much as possible. But it’s still a pain to get the email and file the paper away in it’s right place. So to speed things up, I hooked up my personal scanner (at home, a Lexmark) and the office scanner at work directly to Evernote via some crafty GMail filters. While this works best if you use Gmail for your e-mail, you could set this up even if you don’t use GMail primarily  by simply having your scans sent there. Here is the filter I set up:

What does the filter do? Well first it skips the inbox so that I don’t have to see the notes there. Then it marks as read so I don’t see it in my unread pile. Then it throws a Label on it that I call Evernoted so that I can keep track of these things if I ever want to. It then forwards it to my address, which I’ve obscured. I have an Evernote notebook named “Incoming Notes” that is my default notebook. This is my “sorting space” that I use to sort notes out after a sync. Finally the filter never sends the e-mail to SPAM, because it’s not likely those two addresses will be spamming me anytime soon (since they’re both printers).

Pretty efficient, and there are other possibilities too. For example, a group of people could set up a shared evernote account and shared gmail account to make an impromptu document scan repository using Evernote’s public sharing of notebooks. Do you have a twist on this as well? Go ahead and leave it in the comments!