May 23, 2022

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Satanic Possession via Justin Bieber

Ye Li, an incredibly talented co-worker of mine who is well versed in pop culture and Internet Meme-ery sent me a link the other day to the “How Many Justin Biebers Could You Take In A Fight” Quiz (It was hot in NYC that day, and apparently that caused a Justin Bieber song to revolve around Ye’s head like a pack of wild wolves revolves around hurt prey). I decided to take the quiz because, well, it was late in the day and I wanted something fun to do after a pretty stressful afternoon. The first question asks you to listen to a Bieber song on YouTube and give your impression of it, with such whimsical answers as “Is that a guy or girl singing” and “OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!”. I pressed Play on the embedded player and got the video going, and Google helpfully provided me some ads in the lower third. The first ad amused me more than the quiz though:

That’s right ladies and gentlemen – if you listen to Baby by Justin Bieber, Google thinks it’s quite possible that you need to take the Demon Test. Gotta wonder what the analytics data was that caused this association to occur!

Happy Weekend everyone – steer clear of possessed Justin Bieber fans and have a great couple of days off!