May 21, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

I’m Posting From The MVP Summit, and Sorry, There Will Be No Meaningful Content

So I am at the MVP Summit, in a room with a bunch of interesting people, and sadly I can’t give you any updates on the content (Other than to say Jack Cook is talking about suits right now, and no, suit isn’t a slang word for anything). But here are a few things I can talk about:

  • It’s great to see everyone as usual
  • Don Sorcinelli can apparently morph into a laptop bag. Be careful when he does this.
  • The move to Bellevue is a nice change in terms of location, eventhough we aren’t able to bum around downtown Seattle.
  • The reception last night (The “Welcome Reception”) was horribly executed. The room was way too small, the food kept running out, and there was no way to hold a conversation with more than 2 people without blocking someone or something.
  • Everything is supposed to be 100% green, which is great from an ethical standpoint, despite all the gas that was used to get me here from NYC.

I’ll try to get some pics for the blog, although I didn’t bring my camera (for some reason I’m not sure; but I do have a phone with a camera in it!). But for now I’ll just show this picture from Windows Phone 7 Series (.com):