May 28, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

The Mystery of the 200 Pageviews

So since some have asked, here’s some data on my weird 200 pageviews:

The Averages

Here are my “norms”, as you can see, this is a pretty big shift!


The Content

So what were they looking at? Well, nothing in particular! Mostly old blog posts. My usual articles are toward the top, but then a bunch of really old content got scooped up as well!

The Source


Of that 81.32% direct:


So it looks like a bot to me. Why they want my inane old posts is beyond me…

The plot thickens though – I had another spike a few months ago, on September 29. On that day again it was 80.7% direct. Here’s the interesting part though – the locations of these spikes are all England. Here’s Sept 29 (first spike), the time between, and yesterday (Second spike)

September 29 Geographic Breakdown:


September 30 – Nov 11 Geographic Breakdown:


And Yesterday (Spike 2)


So it looks like I’m a hit in England, on certain days, this fall. Or maybe it’s something more sinister. Any thoughts? These are unique visitors, from the same geographic area, but not the same address!