May 16, 2022

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Turning a $1600 Tablet PC Into A Digital Picture Frame

In 2004 I purchased a Acer Travelmate C110 for around $1600 and used it up until 2007 when I bought a new Lenovo tablet. The Acer sat unused for quite a few months since I had a suspicion the wireless radio was screwed up (at least when connecting to WPA networks). Yesterday I finally got up the ambition to complete my Acer Digital Picture Frame project and figured I’d post a few pictures. Unlike most digital frames that require a bit of work to remove latches, hinges, etc.., a tablet PC lends itself to the task rather admirably – however the price is a smaller screen than most Laptop-turned-frames provides.

Here’s the finished product:

With a hole at the top for an antenna for a TV tuner that’s on order. This way my digital frame is one part frame, one part TV, and one part media center (I can easily connect up speakers to the rig. Here’s the back of it, with my geeky homage: Yes that’s an IDE cable keeping the computer inside the frame:

It may look unfinished, but therein lies some of the beauty: I can take the system out at any time to add peripherals. It has a PCMCIA slot and two USB slots that I can use for expansion. Plus you never know when all your other systems will die and you need to borrow your digital frame. So there’s my simple setup, not too difficult, but nice nonetheless.