May 16, 2022

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New York City

Waiting for the Metro-North train from Garrison to NYC

On Tuesday we went up to NYC from West Point. Before we left I had to take care of some computer issues on a few servers several hundred miles away. So the day was interesting – see something historical, check Pocket PC to make sure nothing blew up, see something historical, etc.. Anyway, we took the Metro-North down to Grand Central Terminal, and then made our way down to Battery Park and onto the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.


Lady Liberty

We elected to stay on the boat and not file off at the Statue. Probably a good choice considering how long the tour at Ellis Island lasted. We took the audio tour, and by the time we were done looking all throughout rooms like this one:


Ellis Island Registration / Main Room

… it was around 5:30 and my phone was dying from the “Get signal/drop signal/get signal” dance and MSN Messenger running. We went to TGI Fridays for dinner (near the WTC site). We looked at the WTC site then road the express up to 42nd street to walk down to Grand Central. Along the way we saw a Sanrio Store! Karey had go into it – it had a giant Hello Kitty on top of it! I bought her something that resembled a small bag, with pockets. I don’t know exactly what it was as all the writing was in Japanese! Anyway, we were tired and made it back to West Point around 10, where we all collapsed fairly quickly. Today we’re heading to the West Point visitor center and museum, and generally relaxing before more festivities kick in later this week.


Security Tent

As one last note, to get to the ferry to the statue and Ellis, you must pass through airport-style security. Myself and my comrades made it through in under 1 minute (for all 4 of us, mind you), however the people in front of us apparently had more metal objects than most foundries or steel mills. They were leather-clad bikers who were very annoyed (and thus took longer) at the process. And I thought activities at West Point were primarily revolved around “waiting”. Of course when it comes to the military, the prolonged waits make sense: After all, why do you think Wars take so long!