May 28, 2022

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Greg’s Last Day As A Cadet

The Plain, The Cadet Mess, and in the background, the Cadet Chapel

Today was officially Greg’s last day to be a cadet. At the parade this morning, Greg’s class (of 2008) was officially dismissed, and the Class of 2009 took over the Corps of Cadets. I don’t think Greg minded this in the least.

Dan, Greg, Karey, & Sue after the Parade. Check out the sweet hat.

After the parade we went down to the RV for a bit, then did a bit of gift shopping and met up with Bob, Maryann, Mandy, Bobby, and Lisa as they finally made it onto campus. Scott & Mark were strangely missing, and we later found them to have left Penn State at around 9 PM. As I type this, at 12:25 AM, they still have yet to arrive!

Hitler’s Gun & Goering’s Guest Book & Staff

On the way to get Ice, we stopped back at the Museum giftshop, and I had to go into the wars throughout history gallery and snap the above photo for my dad, who was very interested in what Hitler’s gun looked like. It was actually a gun given to Hitler by some Nazi schmuck, Hitler probably didn’t even like it that much.

Graduation Banquet

For dinner we went to the graduation banquet in the cadet mess, an absolutely massive room with six “spokes” which seated around 4000 this evening. Karey & I were technically “Mark” and “Scott” as we weren’t sure who was going to go – but since no one else was here, the four musketeers that have been at this all week went.

Last thing we did tonight was meet up with Greg at the First Class Club (a.k.a. the Firstie club). Dan & I went and got to see the place and have some beer with the cadets. Overall a great day, and there is more tomorrow. I have lots of pictures to put up (I just got Dan’s memory card on my computer), but they probably won’t make an appearance any time soon! See you all later!