May 21, 2022

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Day 1 In West Point – Memorial Day!

The view from our campsite, looking at the Hudson river.

Today we hung around the West Point area, the base and also out into a few little towns to buy supplies for the week. We’re set up in a parking lot on the North Dock on West Point’s campus, with a very nice view of the Hudson river and some interesting and friendly “neighbors”.

Karey peeks out the RV door!

After we got back from getting supplies, we met up with Greg and heard how he was doing on his last week at the Point. We then went and watched their graduation formation exercises, and got to see Greg lead his company (Marching around the square, a la Monty Python?). Today was a beautiful day, around 85 degrees and sunny!

One large Armstrong gun! (150 lb, 8 inch) Seized from the Confederacy in 1865!

You can’t go anywhere on West Point without tripping over history. This gun is at Trophy Point, along with a bunch of other interesting artillery. We’re forming up plans for the rest of the week, so look for more posts!