May 26, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Open Sessions

This morning we had a very nice lunch, then followed by a few welcoming remarks and a welcome keynote. Gotta hand it to MS, the room looked absolutely cool, very matrix-ey, etc… Here are a few shots – poor light level, but very blue…

After the Keynote, we went to open sessions (One of which I’m in now, on writing of all things, specifically writing books). Open sessions are an interesting beast if you’re not familiar with them. Between sessions are complementary snacks, which I found interesting. On the left were the ‘healthy’ snacks:

On the right were the unhealthy snacks:

The Reese’s were a nice touch. I took one and know who took this last one… he was very happy to see them as well!

Planning another post later, assuming I’m still awake when I get back to my Hotel! Tomorrow will most likely be low on photo posts, or posts in general: Going to many talks where they don’t take too friendly to cameras!