May 23, 2022

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Being A Stats Person Complicates Your Life.

I’m sitting here looking at a confidential Microsoft slide (or else I’d post it) that made me wonder. It’s a very nice bar graph that breaks down by types of individuals, however the problem is that most of these “types” are only 30 – 40 points away from each other (Means), on a scale of 500 as a max index. Now I highly doubt that there is any significant difference between these groups which really renders the type of individual as useless chartjunk (but it seems to look cool). Someone did offer the fact that within each group the people don’t look that different when I pressed the significance issue – which makes me wonder: Why break them out if there are no differences!!! Grrr…
Now I’m looking at an anecdotal quote… great. Gotta get these people into my research methods class!