May 26, 2022

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Server & Domain Isolation Demo – Neat Stuff

OK, this is probably only neat stuff for me, but I’m a geek, so I have license…
Ben Armstrong (a.k.a. the Virtual PC Guy) posted a link a few weeks ago to a pretty awesome Server & Domain Isolation Demo that shows off the power of IPSec and some neat things you can do with Group Policies to keep the unwanted out of computers they shouldn’t be in without having to mess with share permissions or the like on those actual computers. It’s a godsend in a Domain environment, and while I don’t work in one too often, I recognize that it would reduce my administrative overhead substantially if I were to start managing a domain tomorrow (Don’t laugh, one day in 2003 I wasn’t managing a webserver infrastructure, the next day I was…)
Anyway, if you’re bored, have a reasonably fast computer to run 5 VMs at the same time, and want to play around with a neat lab, go download the demo. It’s only 256 MB.