May 21, 2022

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Mini Review: Fly Fusion: Great Adult Time Waster

I purchased a Fly Fusion today at Target using some Birthday money that I had. My goal wasn’t to do my Algebra homework (Wish I would have had this 10 years ago…), it was to try to keep my notes organized. Simply put, I am horrible with written notes. I take ’em, and lose ’em. I hoped with this thing, I could take them, upload them, and file them in OneNote, which works very well (I can print my handwritten notes to OneNote using the Fly software). Here’s my first doodle. Fly detected it as saying “Lets see how well it recognizes my mutiny”. Which is better than the nonsense OneNote thought I wrote…

Overall not a bad little device for under $100. Judie at Gear Diary wrote up a nice piece on it, and I agree with what she writes. I purchased the Music Studio pro and now think I’ll have endless time-wasting with that as well as with the writing and doodling I can now do.