May 28, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Device Change Again!

OK, this may be a new record. 24 hours using the Dash! But I have a good excuse – it was in a soft-reset loop…. now how did that happen?

Well, this afternoon I was a busy beaver loading up a bunch of software on Dashy because I wanted This Today Screen. And ya know what? I got it. It ran pretty good, but was a bit of a memory hog. No worries, it was soft resetting alright, and I wasn’t too concerned.

Then tonight I figured I’d drag out my Think Outside Stowaway Keyboard & Mouse and make sure they still worked. I loaded up the Smartphone drivers on Dashy and BOOM – soft reset loop 🙁

I’m not going to point fingers or blame anyone here – I’m pretty sure I’m to blame for overloading it. Still, I’m a bit miffed (Well, a lot miffed considering how the Indians are doing right now) that all my hard work paid off like this… GRR.

But on the upside, the device will be ‘fresh’ the next time I use it (It’s finishing up it’s cool reboot now). Now let’s see, what device should I choose next? I think we’ll try Mr. Treo. He has a fresh WM 6 installation on him (Flashed the official upgrade right before it went into storage last time). Maybe I’ll have better / longer luck.