May 16, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

I Was Tagged!

Talk about being out of the loop! Nearly 10 months ago, Doug over at Just Another Mobile Monday, Tagged Me! In this wonderful virtual-tag game, you give 5 little known facts about yourself, and then tag 5 other people. So since I’m already tardy, I’ll get straight to the facts!

1. I’m a closet Star Trek: The Next Generation fan. When I was younger, I was an extreme Trekker. I mean winning-trivia-contests-had-my-own-captains-uniform-watched-ever-show type of Trekker. Now that I’m a bit older, and not to amused by subsequent Star Trek efforts (e.g. Enterprise), I just quietly sit back and keep my little geeky secret hidden. However I do fall prey to watching re-runs of favorite episodes, from time to time!

2. I’m really anal about organizing SOME things and not others! Those who know me will probably find it amazing (given the way my bedroom and home office look most of the time) that I keep my office at work organized meticulously. My files are in order, and my computer’s hard drives have organization all of their own. I can find 99% of all files I’ve ever looked for. Now if I could only say I can find 99% of all socks I’ve ever looked for, i’d be in business!

3. I’m into music, just not in the same way as others! Most people I meet like certain genres of music, or certain bands. I like music too, but in a weird way that just screams “Yea, he once played violin, poorly, in school”. I’ll listen to a song from any genre and find the oddest things about it to like (e.g. the way its mixed, the way two instruments happened to sound together). I get the feeling most of my quirky musical likes are accidental by the artists. A good example is the song Eminence Front, by The Who. When the first line of the refrain is sung, the original mix has an error in mixing that causes a wonderful syncopation effect (Sorta like you’re hearing “Eminance Fron-Front”) that I love. Too bad they corrected in other mixes!

4. OK, I guess the secret is out in #3 – I have played Violin for a substantial part of my life (4th grade through 11th grade). I was awful at it. Really bad. The kind of bad that keeps you second-to-last-stand of second Violin for 3 years (And I’m convinced this was just because my teacher felt bad for me so she threw some underclassmen behind me). I still pick up my fiddle from time to time (Modern music isn’t too bad to play compared to classical), but not enough for others to notice.

5. And lastly, something that only a few people know about is the fact that I revel in the mundane things in life! It’s the little things that make me very happy. If I can beat a traffic light because I drive the same route and know exactly how fast to accelerate so I beat the light a mile down the road, that makes me happy. If I clean out an old file and move things to archives, that makes me happy. Backups make me happy. And having a kick-ass gel pen that writes well makes me happy. I suppose this is why I’m pretty laid back – I don’t look for an exciting life, just a mundane one with small joys!

OK, enough about me! Now it’s time to tag 5 other people. Since I have a pretty low-traffic blog here (I actually have 2 low-traffic blogs that are syndicated to a low-traffic homepage named after myself…), I guess most of these people will wait 10 months or longer before finally getting around to posting their own questions. And the game of tag will go on and on and on due to mutual procrastination and lack of obscure knowledge!

Here’s my list:

1. Karey Westfall (My Wife). She’s had a WordPress blog at now for a few years and NEVER written in it. Lets see if this gives her the impetus to start! She and I do have a pretty good cookbook over there though…

2. Jason Dunn (From Thoughts Media). I’ve recently started regularly checking out Jason’s personal blog (With a kick-ass theme created by Darius Wey) and figure he doesn’t have enough to do in his life so I thought I’d add this tag game to his list ().

3. Vijay, from XDA-Developers and his own site, He’s coded a half-dozen and more pretty useful little programs for Pocket PC and shares his knowledge over on XDA-Developers forum to a great degree. Plus, I’d love to know 5 little-known facts about him!

4. Ed Hansberry from Pocket PC Thoughts. Ed is the resident voice of sarcasm and wit at PPCT, and his K-JAMMING blog could really use an updating. So Tag – you’re it Ed!

5. Hal Goldstein, THE main man at Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine! Another person whom I’m sure has Way too much freetime and would love to fill out this tag game! Hal works pretty hard (as does the rest of the Magazine team) to put together a quality product I’m proud to read and contribute to.

So there you have it. I’ve completed my tag, and tagged 5 others. Now they’ll find out when they invariably google their own names (Come on, we all do it) or hear about it from someone, and perhaps they’ll post a comment here letting me know they’ve decided to keep the tagging game alive!