May 23, 2022

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PopGUI for PopRoute GUI

If you've ever tried setting up an exchange server at your home, small business, or on any server that doesn't have a 100% reliable 100% always-on connection, you've probably needed a tool like PopRoute. PopRoute lets you "pop" your external POP3 accounts and route the mail from them into an Exchange Inbox.  It's perfect for servers that aren't always connected (i.e. dial-up), have a rather shakey connection (making forwarding to the user's exchange email address unfeasible, or for otherwise fine exchange servers with user who stubbornly want their "other" email in their exchange account.

The problem with PopRoute is that, while the price is right, the configuration interface leaves lots to be desired.  Manually editing an INI file is a bit annoying, and since PopRoute requires that mailboxes be numbered sequentially in it's configuration, removing mailbox 2 requires on to manually rename atleast adjoining mailboxes.

With that in mind, I coded together PopGUIPopGUI lets you administer your poproute.dat file without needing to actually open the thing in notepad and play with it.  The nice thing about PopGUI + PopRoute is that, for an extremely low price, you get the same ease of administration that tools costing $100+ provide.


Getting Started

To start using PopRoute + PopGUI on your exchange server, follow these steps

1. Make sure that the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 is installed on your system, PopGUI uses it, and it's a free download available here

2. Download PopRoute here and extract the files to wherever you like (c:\program files\poproute is the default)

3. Download PopGUI and run the installer

4. Open PopGUI and configure your email accounts & General server settings (I recommend disabling the Archive Directory)

5. Create a scheduled task to run poproute.exe regularly (Whenever you want to download mail).  I've done 5 minutes and 2 minutes before without issue.

PopGUI is Free, however I do request that you register with me.  This way I can keep track of who is using the program (for my own ego's sake) and keep people aprised of any updates.  Rest assured that I have no need, want, or desire to spam you to death, I simply want to know how my program is doing, and have a way to contact users.

Download 1.0

To get a registration key, drop me an email with your name & company. I'll be happy to send you one ASAP!