May 18, 2022

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Windows Mobile Devices, Meet Your New Brother…

Picked up a shiny new T-Mobile Dash today, and have been uber-impressed with it so far. My previous smartphone was the Mpx 220 (Shown in the lower left), but 2003 OS was SO 2005…, so I went for a WM 5 with AKU 2.3 on it. I think it’s pretty, but the Pocket PC Phone Editions keep looking suspiciously at it. I’ve boxed them up so they can’t conspire against their new little friend.
On a serious note, this thing is really fricking small – smaller than I thought from the pictures. It’s a good 3 cm less wide than the iPaq 6915 series (Shown upper left), and MUCH thinner than any of the other devices. The T-Mobile version lacks the JOGGR application, however the volume slider strip has not blown me away thus far. Since I’ve never been much for scroll wheels or jog buttons, I doubt I’ll miss the JOGGR feature on the stock HTC s620.
A friend asked me today why I had 5 cell phones that I use. I figured it was only fair to let e
veryone know why I firmly believe each phone has it’s uses and what particular tasks I’m planning to use each one for:
Dash: Daily driver smart phone. Good to pair up with Jasjar for business trips / meetings where I can use the Jasjar for notes and such, and then stow it and play with the dash outside the office.
Mpx 220: Rock sturdy, and cheapest to replace should it die. Used for hazerdous areas, such as theme parks, outdoors activities, etc…
K-JAM: For those times I need a Pocket PC + Phone and want the smalest possible package.
iPAQ: For those times I need a Pocket PC, Phone, and Fast data entry.
JasJar: Mostly used unconverged (although I’ll pop a SIM in it in a pinch). Great for gaming, web browsing, etc.. over a Bluetooth EDGE session with the iPAQ, K-JAM, or Dash. The mpx 220 will give it GPRS speeds as well.
Different day, different phone. Variety is the spice of life!