May 21, 2022

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My Official Punctuation

I’d like to just let everyone know that I’ve decided on announcing the hugely anticipated winner of “Jon’s Official Punctuation” contest. The contest was long, lenghty, and protracted (and all of the above) and it was a tough choice. Many had much to offer, few had little merit. Ampersand & Pilcrow put up an especially tough fight, with inverted Exclamation Point using some notoriously dirty tactics in it’s valient struggle. So without further procrastination, I announce the winner:

In the end this versitile and rarely used symbol pulled ahead and claimed victory. Interrobang will now be named “Jon’s Official Punctuation” for the next year (Expiring November 1, 2007, with the exclusive clause for Jon to renew Official Standing for up to 75 additional years) and will be favored in my personal writings over the more common ?! or !?! combination. Congratulations to Interbang and the entire Bang family (!,