May 18, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Strange Dreams

OK, K & I were down in PA this last weekend for a party, which was great. We came home last night, and I hit the hay around 2. Got woken up at 3 because it was a thunder storm and K really hates those. Got back to sleep around 3:45, then the real fun hit – a strange dream.
I dreamt that I was doing some sort of market research where a group of people were entering a theatre to preview some product and I was a part of the team, posing as a confederate (the stuff psychologists dream of…) halfway through my dream I fell asleep (in the dream, so I’m sleeping while sleeping) and had a dream! In my dream’s dream, I was lucid, and my dreaming self did the following:
1. Picked up a guy and threw him over a bridge, just to see if I was lucid (The punk shouldn’t have been in my dream’s dream)
2. Flew around a bit.
Then I woke up, and was doing the market research crap when someone stole my van (Yes, the van parked in my garage right now). Then I really woke up, and heard people next door digging a trench about a foot away from my property, along the entire border. Bay Point fun…
A dream within a dream, truly a strange experience.`