May 23, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Lawn Wars 7 & URGE

Well, I did the Lawn Wars thing today, 7 1/4 bags of grass after the heavy rains this week.  The day actually turned out pretty good after being dreary this morning.
This week Karey & I went to Clippers Seafood up on Rt. 53.  They have a big seafood buffet for $25 a person (with $7 off coupons mon-thurs, so taking it down to 18 isn’t a bad deal).  The food wasn’t too bad, I’d go again, but not for $25 – $18 only!
I went to UT yesterday, and today I tried out Urge, the new online music store by MS & Viacom.  Not a bad product, integrates with WMP 11, and a lot better than Rhapsody.  I think my Rhapsody days are numbered!