May 21, 2022

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How To Setup Your K-JAM to Jon Westfall’s Liking

This post is half-tutorial and half-checklist.  Lately I’ve been back to my old tricks of hard-resetting every month or so.  I’m not a nut or anything, I just seem to have a lot of “artifacts” living on my device that only a hard-reset clears.  The last time I hard reset, I was smart enough to do a backup with SpB Backup, but upon restoring today, I found that my beautiful backup was intact, but my phone was getting no service!  So I think I’ll try going back to my trusty Sprite backup now that they have a WM 5 version out.  So this post is my step-by-step write up (Like This One that I Highlighted on PPCT a few months back) to customizing my Wizard to my liking, so I don’t have to put too much thought into the next hard-reset restore if my Sprite backup doesn’t work right!
1. Download the Smartskey Cab from Here, and the A2DP Cab from Here.
2. Go to About in the Pocket PC, and place desired pocket PC Name in.
3. Delete old partnership in Activesync, tell it to keep the files so I can sync them up later.
4. Hook PPC Up, let it activesync (Setup Hosted Exchange Account).
5. Install Products from #1, Backup Software of Choice, and the following “essential” apps:
   A. eWallet
   B. Spb Pocket Plus
   C. Spb Diary
   D. Spb Finance
   E. Spb Imageer (Storage Card)
   F. Spb Weather
   G. Listpro (Storage Card)
   H. Softick Card Export II
   I. SOTI Pocket Controller
   J. MemMaid
   K. MS Voice Command
   L. Any other special use apps currently used (i.e. Ostia, Beeline GPS, etc..)
6. Tweak OS & Programs
   A. Register Commercial Programs Installed
   B. Set Camera App to save Pictures to Storage Card
   C. Set Inbox to save attachments to storage card.
   D. Set Pocket Word / Excel to Save to Storage Card
7. Tweak Registry (See Walkthough Thread Above, Tweak to Desired States)
   A. Download Tweaks2k2.NET
8. Install Speed-dials
9. Customize Today Screen
10. Pair Bluetooth Devices
11. Setup Email Accounts, Signatures in Messenging.
12. Setup Pocket MSN to grab hotmail, sign on to Messenger
13. Make a backup, say a prayer
14. Commence Use
Approximate time from start to end… well, we’ll see, I’m going to go off and do all this leisurely (Not trying to break a speed record here) and then revise my post here with my time!