May 16, 2022

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Route 2’s Train Troubles

Truck Driver Killed in Crash with Train
PORT CLINTON — State Route 2 is reopen, but police are still investigating a fatal crash that happened just outside Port Clinton. The first call came in around 1:00am at State Route 2 and Camp Perry Eastern Road. An Adrian, Michigan man, 62-year-old Daniel Clore, was pronounced dead at the scene.
The driver of the tow truck says it is one of the worst crashes he has seen. “It’s not that often that you see one where the impact actually turns two rail road cars over,” says Rick Seitz of Madison Motor Service.
Police say the freight train with its load of garbage was slowly crossing the road to get to a siding. Other vehicles had stopped for the train, but police think the truck driver didn’t see the train and stopped traffic. Witnesses estimate the tractor-trailer loaded with automobiles was going about 55 miles per hour when he swerved to avoid the cars, but hit the train. The impact started a fire that consumed the tractor-trailer.

This was the reason I w
as 20 minutes late getting to school today. I drive by those tracks 10 or so times a week and know how dangerous they can be. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that area, the tracks are spread out over about 6 lanes (2 lanes of traffic on each side, and approx. 2 lanes worth of ‘median’). Since there is relatively low traffic in that area, and REALLY low train traffic (a train once every 48 hours MAYBE), there are no lights at the tracks (There might not even be RR signs, although I may have just not noticed them). At night they try to put down flairs since you can’t see the train and the speed limit is 55 MPH there (During the day you’re generally on your own, the trains are instructed to stop and wait for an open spot of car traffic to pass, but this isn’t always 100% foolproof).
Since I drive by there so often, I feel pretty bummed about this. The poor trucker probably thought that the 2 cars waiting there were just disabled and moved around them, oblivious to the big black train in front of him at 1 AM. Truly Sad (And amazing that there were 3 vehicles around there at 1 AM – I drive by at 11:00 PM and NO ONE is there 90% of the time). Not only did the driver die, but the people in the other 2 cars now probably have a big psychological whack to deal with – they just witnessed someone plow into a train at 55 MPH and go up in flames. It had to be horrific – this happened at
1 AM and the road was closed until around noon!
Crazy Ottawa County – get some frickin’ lights – Please!