May 22, 2022

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Massive Cooling Required

Was at the Halle Building Co-Lo DC yesterday with Paul and noticed these heavily modified server lockers. Apparently they are running some massively large data store of SCSI hard drives. The vents on the front took in the 65 degree DC air and the 10 fans per case on the back pumped out air that was approximately 80 degrees! Quite a sight – makes me glad I don’t admin those 😉

Oh, and Jon’s Tech Advice from yesterday? If you plug in a USB HD and it gives you a BSOD, try it on another machine before wasting 2 hours troubleshooting the machine. We had one defective external HD housing yesterday give us a 2 hour run-around (mostly because we were skeptical of the box it was crashing in the first place). On the plus side, the flash of the BIOS we did during the 2 hours now gives me a functioning BIOS on that box.