May 21, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

I’m working on a quick & dirty solution to post from my Pocket PC and wanted to see if any other users had comments about it (in the off chance other PPC Users read this). I use LJ’s email post feature quite frequently and wanted to build a simple app that would let me fill in my info, and hit “send” and have it bring up a pre-formatted LJ email that I could then send through Pocket Outlook. This isn’t a real full-featured client, it’s really more of a template, but it lets me streamline the posting process. LJEPost is in alpha testing, and I’m looking for feature requests. So far it can attach a photo (for Scrapbook users who want to put a photo on their posts) and I’m thinking of including tag support. Anyone else have ideas?
Oh, and one drawback – to use the client you’d need to be able to access LJ’s email post feature which is a paid-user only feature. Sorry about this, but if there is sufficient interest, perhaps I’ll try to figure out the livejournal API at some point in the future.