May 28, 2022

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Life Update (Public Edition)

Yes Boys & Girls, It’s Jon’s Life Update.  As we end Q1 this year, I figure I’ll give everyone an update on the major events in my life:

  • Last Tuesday my committee approved my thesis proposal.  This is a major deal for us acadamia nuts, as it means that now I can collect my data, write it up, and then defend my findings.  I hope to finish data collection this semester so I can use May + June for the stats & Write-up.  The day of the defense meeting will be the day I fulfill all the requirements for a M.A. (Eventhough I may have to wait a few months for the official degree since paperwork must be filed, etc…), so I’m eagerly hoping to defend before Aug 5.
  • The weather has begun to get better (Although snow is expected tomorrow night).  I’ve been keeping busy around the house with a few projects here and there, most related to finishing a book or two (I’ve been working on Ramachandran’s Phantoms in the Brain although Steve C. has pretty much relayed the entire book to me through the va
    rious meetings we’ve been in the last 2 years). I’m also trying to organize my technology stuff (An ever present goal) and put in more time on PPCT, although life has been interfering with that lately.
  • Karey tried on her wedding dress last Friday, and appears happy with it.  She dragged me to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to register (We also plan on registering at 1 other place for the heck of it), so you can look up our wedding registry and see some of her choices (i.e. china pattern) and some of mine (i.e. shoe stretchers).
  • I have 2 term papers to write up this month, each I expect to devote a full day in the office to (Most likely a Friday that I can go in super early and leave around 5, with a few meetings here and there).  One is for my advisor’s class, the other for close relationships.  I have ideas for both, now I Just have to write up 10-15 pages for each!
  • April 1 marks the end of my 2 most dreaded months (Feb + Mar for the obvious impaired). 

So in the spirit of LiveJournal, anyone reading this is hearby ORDERED to post a comment, even if it’s “heh… comments r kewl” or some other dribble.  Ideally, I’d like to know what your April plans are, and if you are happy to see April Showers or wish we could have had more winter*
* Wishing fo
r more winter may be criteria to remove you as a friend.