May 21, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

It’s Amazing!

Today I went to Sears Auto to get a flat fixed as a slow leak caused my full tire to be flat this evening when I left UT.  I had just bought the tire about 4 months ago from Sears, so I figured my roadhazard warrenty from Michelin would kick in, and it did (Total cost was $11.74 for a new tire).  The amazing part of the trip was that I walked into the place at 7:30 (30 minutes before closing) and told them I needed a tire.  They told me it would be 1 1/2 hours before they could put it on.  Since I was hungry (So was Karey) and needed a frickin’ tire, I said “Sure, we’ll just go eat dinner and come back when it’s done”.  The guy looked a bit unnerved and asked me for a cell number, which I gave.  20 minutes later I get a call while eating at Ponderosa (Conviently located at the south end of Sears’ parking lot) that my car will be done in 15 minutes.  So 1 1/2 hours turned into 35 minutes once I took them up on the offer.  They weren’t too happy that I made them stay an extra 15 minutes past closing so I could finish
my dinner either.
So should I be annoyed that they lied to me about the time it would take in hopes that I’d leave them alone 30 minutes before close?
Now it’s on to 2 or so hours of work tonight…. oh joy!