May 22, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

DRM – it isn’t worth it!

This is from, a post on PPCT about the new SD card standards. See if you agree with me regarding DRM’ed materials:

“My argument is that I suspect, for many, 2 GB is either more than enough or WAY too small. As their original specs stated they intended to get up to the plus 10 GB range, you’re right – I don’t think they should pursue a modification just to add in DRM. I vehemently hate DRM due to backup issues (i.e. I download the music once after I pay for it, and then what happens if my computer crashes – for some DRM formats, I’d have to repurchase – there is no way to redownload my already LICENSED content). Because of these issues, everything I buy that is downloaded with DRM protection gets converted into a non-DRM format. Not so I can share it with millions of low-lifes on the net like the RIAA and MPAA believe – simply so that I can share it with myself at a later date in the event of a crash or data loss.
My argument in a sentance: Keep regular SD / Mini-SD going, ditch DRM laden formats, keep the people happy!”

Anyone else believe that when you download something from iTunes or other stores that use DRM, you are entitled to a copy you can easily back up, restore onto different computers that you own (without hassle) and use on any device you own? Honestly, the RIAA & MPAA are the only industry groups I know that operate under the assumption that all of their consumers are criminals.