May 28, 2022

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Man, it was a busy few days there, so I’m finally updating my journal to recount what happened this week!
Monday was pretty nondescript, just worked on Andy’s paper. Mom & Dad came up and went to Ryans on Sunday, they liked it, and they got to see our xmas decorations! Anyway, tuesday was a fairly blah day. Taught my second-to-last class, turned in my paper to Andy, and just relaxed. Wednesday I was all psyched because my iPod was supposed to show up. Got home Wednesday though, and WTF? no iPod. Just a stupid infonotice saying they needed ID. I called up the UPS line and through their automated system finally got the stupid thing scheduled to be delivered Friday. Enjoyed my HomestarRunner order Wednesday night (At least that showed up) however my Evo died and now has to be shipped to HP. Ugh.
Thursday was really Blah. Didn’t want to do anything, went to school, sat through the most disorganized presentation I’d ever seen by this girl in our Developmental class. She got Smokey bear & Yogi bear confused. Man. Anyway, thursday it started snowing like a bitch, so the drive home was a p
ain. 20 – 50 MPH all the way, mostly around 30 – 40. Finally got home at 11 and worked on getting my iTunes library ready for my iPod! Oddly though, after doing a few misc. things, iTunes died on me. Wouldn’t start. Completly dead. No help online. Went to bed.
Then Friday came. I woke up, went outside and dug myself out of a bunch snow that was in my driveway (About 1 – 2 inches all around, 6 inches at the apron 🙁 Had to dig some of the apron then snowblow the rest. Then I called up UPS…
They didn’t update the tracking stuff on my iPod so I was suspicious. Sure enough, after a few calls, I found they kept my iPod for pickup in Fremont!!! Damn. I had to go to the bank, and then Port clinton post office (Or so I thought) then Fremont. Drove all around, finally got my stuff, went home, and packed. Couldn’t get iTunes to work still, packed it up, came to Cleveland. Went to dinner at Double Dragon with mom & dad & karey, then out with T & H to T’s house to play Uno. Finally on Friday night I figured out that I had to uninstall iTunes, install stand-alone Quicktime, then iTunes. Ugh.
Yesterday we went out, I ordered some new lenses and after having lunch in cleveland, we came down to PA. I graded some tests, and went to bed listening to my iPod! Now it’s sunday, Karey’s baking cookies, and I’m going to grade tests today. FUN!