May 16, 2022

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Stupid People Alert: I Am Evil

Teacher’s costume scares up complaint
“INTERLOCHEN – A Halloween costume donned by a teacher at Lake Ann Elementary scared up a complaint from a parent spooked by its political message. David Micinski, Benzie Central superintendent, said a parent who was at the school for Monday’s Halloween festivities took issue with the teacher’s costume – a mask depicting President George W. Bush and a shirt that allegedly read “I am evil.”
Not only is this specific incident pretty stupid (As I said a few days ago, I do question what goes through some education major’s heads at times…), but in general I have a great disdain for anyone who believes they are debating politics by making statements that are not only hard to prove, but 100% unprovable. Saying a politician you don’t like is “evil” or making another jab at their personality because you believe they warrent it is fine as long as you don’t think intelligent people will look at it as anything more
than anecdotal information. If you want to debate, please, get some facts.