May 16, 2022

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Stupid People Alert: Evolution – the way it has to be.

Evolution vote nears, scientists fight back – Yahoo! News
Evolutionary theory can explain a lot. However, it is a theory. Double stupidity here: It’s stupid to blatently force a theory on people, and it’s really stupid to NOT encourage people to question theories like they are handed down from the mouth of the “intelligent designer” (I hate that term… why can’t we say ‘god’ – It isn’t God (Big G – Christian), it’s little g. Any religion I know of that has a supreme being refers to that person as ‘god’… ugh…) himself.
Theories can NEVER be proven – they can only have support added to them or removed from them. They should ALWAYS be questioned. A scientific theory that is not able to be disproved is NOT a scientific theory. This is theory of science 101 here…