May 18, 2022

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Stupid People Alert: Double Header: Fiery Ends! News from KTRK, around Houston and southeast Texas
“Investigators tell Eyewitness News the woman was upset at the man for not bringing home charcoal for the grill. The argument reportedly escalated to the point where the pair allegedly poured lighter fluid on each other. Someone apparently lit a match, and the man was severely burned. He later died of a heart attack.”
icWales – Dad jailed for setting fire to wife
“A DAD has been jailed after he used an aerosol can as a makeshift flame-thrower to set his wife’s hair on fire. A police officer who was called to the house narrowly escaped serious injury by leaping back as a jet of
flame shot directly towards his face.”

It’s not a good day for stupidity and fire. If you know stupid people, I suggest keeping them away from anything flammable or that can be used an an accelerant on fire (Alcohol Included!). On a happy note, the accident I got caught in traffic today over (1 1/2 hour delay) did not feature a fire, but was equally as stupid.