May 16, 2022

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SPA: 2900 Times

“FORT WORTH, Texas — A woman is facing criminal charges after being
arrested for not stopping at toll booths more than 2,900 times, police
said. Authorities said Evangelina Sanchez Gonzalez, 41, may be the most
notorious toll-booth runner in North Texas, amassing fines of more than
$76,000. Over the 20 months that officials said Gonzalez ran through the
booths, she would have paid roughly $1,800 in tolls. Now, she owes more
than 42 times that amount with the addition of fines and penalties.”

Just the fact that there are 2900 times in 20 months this person passed
a toll booth is pretty remarkable (That’s around 4 times a day – how
many stupid toll booths does Texas have???). But to religiously drive
through them 2900 times and think that they won’t catch ya… now that’s
stupid. Heck, I would have stopped at 1,500 times or so.