May 22, 2022

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World Series Poll

Ok, I don’t like the White Sox.  Maybe i’m the typical baseball fan that holds grudges (This one goes back to Albert Belle in 1996), but there is just something about them I don’t like (Maybe its the Indians ability to choke in every game against them).  So for me, I don’t care if the White Sox might be better or the Astros might be better – I want the White Sox to LOSE (Not the Astros to win, mind you…).Anyway, UPOC sent me a poll today asking who would win, and I’m wondering what my readers (all 2 of them, and my cat) might vote for this question.  So there are three questions here: Who SHOULD win (i.e. who do you think is the most qualified team), Who Do you WANT to win (for whatever reason), and Who WILL win (Who do you think will eventually pull it out).  Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!
(Scsi userpic for no real reason on this post!)