May 23, 2022

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Parking Lot Observations

Ok, here is a good analogy I thought up today.
When putting together a puzzle, why are you successful? Well, probably one key to your success is your ability to control where each piece on the table lays.  You can pick them up, re-arrange them, etc.. until you solve the puzzle.
When driving in a parking lot where the rows have been reduced from 2 lanes to one because no one can see the damn lines due to the mountains of snow, why do people timidly drive around? For example, when leaving UT today…
* Karey & I were basically stalked through the parking lot by cars trying to figure out what car we were going to so they could get a spot.
* We had a line of cars waiting behind the guy who eventually saw us get in our car and waited for us to pull out.  No doubt they were upset that Karey had the never to want to put on a seatbelt or take off her gloves.
* We pulled out of the spot (which was quickly snapped up) to find people facing us in both directions (i.e. pull out and go left – headlights, pull out and go right – headlights).  Eventually one side lost a
nd had to back up to let us out.
All the while Karey kept telling me “I can’t go – I can’t get out that end”.  My answer was “Go – they’ll have to move”. And sure enough they did.
So parking lots, in the grand scheme of things, are a lot like puzzles when snow and restricted lanes are concerned.  The difference between the person who timidly waits for others to let them in/out and the person who gets where they are going is all in aggression and the ability to control what other drivers (puzzle pieces) do. And maybe being large and intimidating helps as well.
Oh, and for the record, I absolutly HATE when people stalk out a spot and feel the need to block traffic so they can park where they have ‘called’.  I drive around these morons every chance I get.  Listen up people – if you drive into a lot and drive around a time or two and can’t find parking or find a lot of people pacing the lot – you know what that means??? It means the lot is full!  You’ll save lots more time driving to another lot, parking there, and walking then mindlessly wandering around and stalking those who leave.  Plus, you won’t have me mad at you.  This will do a lot to further your existence on this planet and prolong your empirical encounter with the afterlife expedited by myself.
Happy January – Now if we could just get rid of these damn cold temperatures and snow…