May 22, 2022

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Jon’s Pocket PC Application Listing!

Oh Lord, If I have a vice it’s Pocket PC Software.  Over the years I’ve racked up A LOT of registration keys for these things.  So here is the list of software I own, use, or have used, and my comments. Affiliate links for Pocket PC Thougths are provided if available.  My preferred store is Handango, although you could use PocketGear just as well. In April 2005 I purchased the Pocket PC Magazine Best Of Everything CD which entitled me to register a lot of software.  Software I registered through it are marked with an *.
Unused – I never really used this software as much as I thought I would, or I bought / registered it while it was on sale in case I ever would need it (Obviously, I don’t need it…). If I bought this and never used it (and it h
as no * next to it, indicating that I paid honest to goodness money at the time), you might want to stay clear unless you’re SURE you’ll use it!
Retired – I used it for a period of time, but gradually stopped using it for one reason or another.  Perhaps the functionality was built into a new PPC, newer software, etc..
Active – I’m currently using this program full-time
Part-Time – I use this application part-time, or when need calls for it.

 Name Price Status Comments Link
 Agenda Fusion 7*  $29.95  Unused  Registered it just to have it handy.  PI is still my preferred PIM.  Handango
 Calligrapher  $39.95 %
 Nice Text imput tool, and version 8.0 is better than ever.  Handango
 Cell Profiler Pro  $24.95  Retired  Neat little tool to change the profiles on your Pocket PC Phone Edition as you moved from cell site to cell site.  Handango
 CityTime for Pocket PC  $14.95  Part-Time  Registered it as part of the Best Of Everything CD.  Works great when travelling, as calculating Time zones in my head is tricky for me!   ref=”″ target=_blank>Handango
 CodeWallet Pro*  $29.95  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 DoubleLauncher  $9.95  Retired  Used it when I had limited hard buttons and wanted to get the most from them.  It’s a pretty sweet app for that purpose!  Handango
 Fonix VoiceDial  $15.95  Retired  Used it before MS Voice Command.  Works great.  Handango  $29.95  Retired  Used it as an undergraduate – great way to keep track of what you need to do.  Handango
 Gigatask  $10.00  Reti
 Great task switcher  Handango
 GPSGate*  $29.95  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 Handmark Games (Tetris, Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit)  $19.95 (each)  Part-Time  These games are really fun and addicting.  I install them whenever I anticipate a lot of time to kill.  Monopoly is the best, IMHO  Handango
 Name Price Status Comments Link
 HudsonMobile Phone Dashboard  $14.95  Retired  Used it to keep track of my minutes when I was on a more minute-crunching cell plan.  Moved off that plan and haven’t needed it since.  Great app!  Handango
 Ilium Software: eWallet  $29.95 (Pro)  Active  What
I use to store all the registration numbers! and all my other life-saving important information.  It does this nicely, with a desktop component!
 Ilium Software: ListPro  $29.95 (Pro)  Active  Lists. We all have them, this program has it covered.  I particularly like some of the stock lists on their site, such as the PHP reference!  Handango
 Ilium Software: Newsbreak  $19.95  Retired  One of the first, and nicest PPC Newsreaders, I only retired it and went to Egress beca
use of it’s lack of enclosure support.  Otherwise, rock solid and a nice design!
 IM+  $29.95  Unused  Used it for IM ing for a bit, but the registration / activation scheme was a hassle.  Handango
 imov Messenger*  $19.95  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 MeetingMute  $8.95  Retired  Used it to auto mute my phone when I had more appointments during the day.  Less appointments and leaving my cell in my office when I’m just a few doors down meant not worrying as much. I bought it at $14.95 and thought it was a great deal then!  Handango
 MemMaid  $11.99  Part-Time  Cleans out garbage files.  Who could ask for more.  Handango
 Mobidial.NET  $14?  Unused  Nice interface for phone dialing, but crashed my i-mate a few more times than I would have liked.  Hard resets aren’t fun.  Handango
 Mobipocket Reader Pro  $29?  Unused  Bought it, never used it as much as I thought I would.  Homepage
 MTux Software (All Titles!)  variable  Unused  All their programs are great but a little bare-bones & buggy.  Fun to play with, and cheap to buy, take a look at  Homepage
 Name Price Stat
Comments Link
 MyPhoneProfiles  ?  Unused  Used it, but not for long.  Don’t have pleasant memories, but you may have different experiences with their software.  JGUI
 NetFront v 3.1*  $29.80  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 Odyssey Client 1.3  variable  Unused  Homepage
 Ostia  variable  Part-Time 3E  Homepage
 Personal Vehicle Manager  Retired  Handango
 PhatPad  Part-Time  Handango
 Photogenics*  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 PI CorrectTime  Unused  Homepage
 PI Today  $10  Retired  Handango
 PlanMaker 2004  Unused  Homepage
 Pocket Backup Plus (Sprite Backup)   E  Active Waiting for the WM5 upgrade to this, as it would be nice for saving configuration settings, even with persistent storage in WM5  Handango
 Name Price Status Comments Link
 Pocket Breeze*  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 Pocket Controller 5* %2
 Active  Great for controlling my PPC from afar.  Awesome on my Mpx smartphone as well.  Handango
 Pocket Cook Deluxe Web Edition*  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 Pocket Informant  $29.95  Active  My favorite PIM replacement.  Just makes things look prettier and easier on the eyes!  Handango
 Pocket Mechanic*  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 Pocket DVD Studio*  Active  Handango
 PowerStart  Retired  Handango
 Reensoft PIEPlus  Retired  Handango
 Repligo for Pocket PC  Unused  Thought I’d use it alot… I didn’t!  Handango
 Rudeo Control for WMP*  Unused  Registered it, but haven’t used it yet.  Looks useful.  Handango
 Snapture for PPC  Unused  Thought I’d use it alot… I didn’t!  Handango
 Name Price Status Comments Link
 Softick Card Export II  Active  Handango
 Spb Arkaball  Part-Time  Handango
 Spb Finance  Retired  Handango
 Spb Full Screen Keyboard  Retired  Handango
 Spb GPRS Monitor  Part-Time  Handango
 Spb Imageer  Active  Handango
 Spb Pocket Plus  $24.95  Active  Simply one of the best applications I own.  Slows down performance however, which can make it really annoying.  Most of the time, however, it lives on my PPC.  Handango
 Spb Time  Active  Handango
 Spb Tips %
26amp; Tricks
 Part-Time  Handango
 Spb Diary  Active  Handango
Name Price Status Comments Link
 Textmaker 2004  Unused  Handango
 Tweaks2k2.NET*  Unused  Handango
 Vito ButtonMapper  Retired  Handango
 Vito SoundExplorer 2005*  Unused  Thought I’d use it alot… I didn’t!  Handango
 WebIS Mail  Retired  Handango
 Egress (10/22/05)  Active  Handango
 Microsoft Voice Command  $39.99  Active  Tell your phone / PDA to do stuff and it does it, enough said!  Handango
 Resco Explorer 2005  $24.95  Active  Best File Explorer replacement out there.  There are also some good freeware tools too, but this is the most inclusive tool I’ve found.  Handango