May 16, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

You Have My Name

Got an interesting email today from someone with a very good name, Jon Westfall:
I typed my name into my browser just to see what would pop up. Yea i was bored. I was surprised to see your site. I guess its not that wierd to see someone shares your name. What is strange is that I grew up in Akron OH. My step daughter still lives there and is going to Akron U. If you are a teacher you may even be teaching her. Just thought I would drop you a line and share the wierdness.

Jon Westfall
So I guess one of my name-alikes finally caught up with me. I’ve searched for Jon Westfall in browsers for years and found out some interesting things about other Jons, but never contacted them. Its a small world after all….